INSPIRA feat New Version — Melt You

1.Melt You (feat NEW VERSION)
3.Breathe Out The Fear
4.Ordo Ab Chao
5.Melt You (Instrumental)

Melt You is a collaboration between two electronic projects from Kaliningrad. Music by INSPIRA and lyrics by NEW VERSION. This trip-hop/synth-pop is about being in our materialistic and wicked world, about making your inner development here. Some philosophy mixed with an abstract dialog to anyone. Maybe even with you…
And for a snack, three bonus tracks from INSPIRA have been prepared for you, which were not included in the upcoming album.

Музыка – Сергей Кузнецов – Sergey Kuznetsov
Слова – Евгений Родионов – Eugeny Rodionov