Purification System — Inside The Warp

1.Inside The Warp

The new single by the Moscow-based EBM/electro-industrial duo Purification System is an invitation to immerse in the depths of hyperspace. In this sci-fi labyrinth anyone can reach the worlds of choice: Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Warhammer 40K… and more.

About Purification System:
EBM/electro-industrial from Moscow, inspired by the sound of 90s.
The name reflects the musicians’ belief that music is able to purify souls and hearts, even if perturbing minds sometimes.
It all began in 2021, several singles were released since then, also the project went through the change of vocalist at the end of 2022.

Current lineup:
Iron Helix – synths, programming, music
Alexander Yarovikov – vox, words