Inspira feat Nasty_X — Criminal


“CRIMINAL” – Project INSPIRA from Kaliningrad (Russia) featuring NASTY_X present to you this explosive track that will take you straight into the crazy and energetic world of dark rave.
The lyrics and music, plunging you into an ominous atmosphere of chaos, will make you dance until you lose consciousness. Let the rhythm take over your bodies, and let our music become your most loyal ally.
“CRIMINAL” will take you on an exciting journey, enveloping you in a wave of ecstasy and adrenaline. Give yourself unforgettable moments and let this energy fill your consciousness! Shake the dancefloors and plunge into the world of crazy rave!

This video is entertaining and you won’t be able to unsee it!
There are scenes of violence and cruelty of a conventional nature.
The authors are not trying to offend anyone and do not promote cruelty and violence.
The video does not encourage or assert anything, as it was created solely for entertainment purposes.
Do not repeat all the actions that you see in this video! The authors of the video are not responsible for your decisions and their consequences. All decisions are made by you and only you are responsible for them!
Not recommended for viewing by people with weak mental health and those prone to epilepsy.
The authors ask you to treat this music video with a dose of humor and irony.
Enjoy watching!


Sergey Kuznetsov – music, vocal
Anastasiya Khimenko – vocal, text
InspiraSounds – mixing & mastering