The Quinsy — To Feed Your Fever (SA167)

01.Не Хочу (4.44)
02.Отбросы Общества (4.44)
03.Dark Sun (4.44, T. Fadina)
04.Стадо (4.44)
05.The Power (4.44, Molly)
06.Королева Хэллоуина (4.44)
07.Le Vide (4.44, Molly)
08.Хэй, Детка (4.44)
09.To Be Gone (4.44, Molly)
10.Stupid Game (4.44)
11.To Feed Your Fever (4.44)
12.Dark Sun (Aurora gun remix by Gunmaker)
13.Le Vide (Darktrance version by TemnaVoda)
14.Не Хочу (КалиЮга версия by TemnaVoda)
15.Dark Sun (Fingerprinted Cheese Remix)
16.Le Vide (DiarBlack Remix)
17.Dark Sun (DiarBlack Remix)

“To Feed Your Fever” is innovative in many aspects such as this is the first band album ever with a song in French and with collaborations with guest singers.
All the Quinsy lyrics reflect the inner state of their songwriters, some of them bring up the present times’ important burning issues as well.

The Quinsy band was formed in 2001 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. During the band’s being the sound changed several times but the very psychedelic essence stood firm and is still here now. Since the band’s formation the numerous artists’ changes has occured, the band’s leader Vladimir 4.44 Tkebuchava has remained the only constant member.
The Quinsy used to perform in English only but in recent years things have changed and now the band mostly plays songs in native language – Russian.


Special Thanks to:
Todd C. Ruzicka (USA) for the help with English lyrics;
Jeremie Venganza (Belgium) and Peter Rainman (France) for the help with French lyrics;
Konstantin Nikitin (Russia) for the help with mixing;
Matthias Hubner (Germany) for mastering;
Mathilda Andonyan (Russia) for the artwork
And to all our international remixers, we love you!