Mirrors Of Mind — Тишина Становится Тобой (SA179)

Part 1
1.Prologue. Entrance To Silence
2.Smile On
3.When The Morning Will Come
4.While The Bed Is Burning
6.Lost Highway
7.Half A Meter Above The Ground
8.Under The Ice
9.Epilogue. Hush

Part 2
1.Prologue. Flowers Of The Absurd
2.Running Man
4.Traces Of Antibodies
5.Sing For Absolution (Muse Сover)
6.Sharp Stars
8.Silence Becomes You
9.Epilogue. Thunderstorm

Mirrors of Mind presents third full-length album Silence Becomes You. More than 10 years have passed since the founding of the band, so this album is in some way an anniversary one, and the musicians tried to reflect the best features of Mirrors of Mind’s work in it

Silence Becomes You consists of 2 parts and includes the band’s recognizable melody, philosophical lyrics, familiar mid-tempo gothic synth compositions combined with dance tracks and lyrical synthpop ballads. However, the new album will be significantly different from all previous works. A new vocalist and songwriter joined the band. Arrangements of compositions became more diverse: special attention was paid to working with samples, orchestral elements and experiments with sound.
The Mirrors of Mind project saw the light of day in 2011 with the release of the debut demo album On a thin verge. At that time there were 3 members in the band: Inessa, Konstantin and Tomash. The music of Mirrors of Mind could be described as melodic gothic-electro with female vocals and philosophical lyrics in Russian. Later, the band released one EP and two full-length albums Unbearable Lightness (2014) and Beyond (2017). The musical style on these releases ranged from classic synth gothic to darkwave and synthpop elements. In 2020, vocalist Andrius joined Mirrors of Mind, and the band started recording the anniversary album Silence Becomes You, which is scheduled for release in November 2022.