GDS Project — Chess (SA187)

3.Dirty Pain
4.Broken Destiny
5.Error In The Mind
11.Looking For

GDS Project presents debut аlbum “Chess”, which depicts the riot of cruelty of real world, people’s relationship, hopelessness of human life. At the same time accompanied with surprisingly melodic and dance motifs as well as heavy guitar bass riff. And also extraordinary extreme-vocal.

The story of GDS PROJECT has started in early 2022. Than the singer Geist Des Staubes was at the origins. Respectively, the name of the? project was Geist Des Staubes, that means The spirit of the dust. It was planned to publish English texts and involve session musicians.
First one was Settra from Sacrathorn project. He has started to work at unique sound and created music for GDS. Single “Error In The Mind” was written by another composer which decided to remain incognito until today.GDS that moment was performed by vocalist and dancer Antia Shadow reaper.

In connection with changes in the project conception list of participants was changed too. In December of 2022 GDS performed its first concert in Maxdent industrial fest. Those days the project sounded really industrial and didnt have vocalist (the vocalist worked in Hmar project). Vladimir Romanov who lead the mixing console at the contest is still the part of the project.

In January of 2023 Dmitrii Mysterious, the guitar player has joined the team. Later the project was invited to take part in Female Carnage event (female vocal metal fest). With live guitar group achieved heavier industrial stroke and in on March 11 successfully played debut concert in Neformat club.

The concerts of GDS Project usually accompanies with live visual show from guys from World of lasers and go-go dancer Daria Golovina. Dasha is active choreographer and twerk and vogue dancer. At the moment the project gets a lot of suggestions about the concerts and is focuses on developing and co-working with composers in industrial and electro styles.

GDS Project was formed in Russia in 2022. The band performs Dark Electro and Aggrotech. Moving from growling to harsh sound expressive vocals [Geist Des-Staubes], hard guitar riffs [Dmitriy Mysterious] and dark samples [Vladimir Romanov] combine into one incredibly powerful energy.

Ekaterina Khramchenko- vocal, texts.
Vladimir Romanov – samples
Dmitry Bocharov – guitar, bass, arrangement

Alexander Prasolov – music composer
Ekaterina Khramchenko – music composer
Sergey Shubin – music composer

We thank:
Lana Kardi for cover design of the single
Mixing and mastering – Michael Interio & INTERIO Production
Vocal recording – Maxim Novikov


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