Inspira — Lockstep (SA190)

01.Am Furious
03.Let The Lockstep Begin
04.Salvation feat FoxyFly
05.Iluciferro feat NASTY_X
06.Point Your Guns Up To The Sky
07.Do Damage
08.Welcome To Oblivion
09.Knife & Pain
10.Nu Clear feat Alexander Popovich
11.Pure Fire feat FoxyFly
13.Black Clouds
14.Ravers Saves
15.Soul Of A Butterfly feat Geist Des-Staubes – bonus track
16.Heresy feat Hired.Life – bonus track
17.Magnetism (with Mystice) – bonus track

LOCKSTEP – is the new album of the multi-genre project INSPIRA, which conveys the incredible atmosphere of dark music at the intersection of metal and electronics. In this album the author wants to share with you his evil notes of his gloomy mood.

Seventeen tracks of this shattering experience will immerse the listener in a dark and poignant atmosphere with unparalleled intensity. From the undeniably ominous melodies of industrial metal that make you shiver inside, to the fiery electronic rhythms of Drum’n’Bass, EBM and Breakbeat that cause uncontrollable inner excitement.
The new album INSPIRA is the embodiment of musical experimentation and art of the author. Sergey Kuznetsov (ex-TYPE 5 BLOOD (1999-2017), ex-LUCIFERRO (2017-2018), ex-WELL DONE BEAT (1994-1996)) has improved and developed in these (and not only) genres for many years, and this LP is his proud achievement-2024. Each track will become a real discovery for you and will bring incredible satisfaction.


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