Forces Of Light — Urban Legends (SA195)

01.Blow Wind
02.Illusion And Deception
03.Liquid Hiding
04.Synthetic Love
10.Wolves Of Rome
12.As Usual
13.Angels And Vampires

“They are lights that come from hell, shadows that come down from heaven”
Urban Legends is an album composed of 13 songs that aim to tell legends and
mysterious stories, paying homage to legendary cultures such as the Vikings and their
religion (Ragnarock, Song n.5) and to real events linked to the life experience of the
members of the band (Eternity, Track no.6 and As Usual, Track no.12).With this album, Forces Of Light wanted to consolidate the concept of dualism between
good and evil, between light and darkness with the support of legends that surpass

The FORCES OF LIGHT project is an exploration of the esoteric and occult world
with 80s Italo-dance sounds.
It all started from the meeting of DaveDax (keyboardist, author of the music,
arrangements, mixing),
Symorg (keyboardist, vocals, lyricist) and Mr.Light (singer).
DaveDax and Symorg, already involved in the [STARS+CRUSADERS] project for
several years,
they meet the voice of Mr. Light, this will be the spark that will magically start the project.
After about a year, the album “DARKLIGHTS” was born:
10 beautiful mystical songs, including the first singles “TOo MAGICAL”,
an ode to the magical Turin (the city where they live) and the ritual “DIVINER”.
In 2021 the new single ILLUSION/DECEPTION will be released which anticipates the
In 2022 the single RAGNAROCK was released, also present in the album “URBAN
In 2023 the single SYNTHETIC LOVE was released, also present in the album “URBAN
A new experiment with lyrics in Italian.
Thanx to…
Loredana Fulgori (Illustrations and graphics)
Davide Bruno and “The Bikini Mood” feat. Track n.11 “After Life” (main voice)
Daniela Romano for the Track n.2 “Illusion & Deception” (Lyrics)
Bozena Gasior (Lyrics adaptation)
Noxim Cosplay (promotional videos actor)
Track n.12 “AS USUAL” it’s dedicated to Fornaro Domenico
(dear father of SYMORG aka Simone Fornaro)


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